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What to do if your business has been hit with ransomware
A ransomware attack can be devastating to your business. If you suspect your company has been infected, contact a Managed IT Service provider immediately.
Isolate Infected Machines:
Disconnect infected machines from the network to prevent the malware from spreading. This is especially important for machines that contain sensitive data.
Notify Authorities:
Report the attack to law enforcement authorities. This can help in identifying the source of the attack and prevent future attacks.
Contact your IT Provider:
Notify your IT provider or managed service provider immediately. They can help you to identify and remove the ransomware from your systems.
Restore from Backup:
Restore your data from a backup that was taken before the attack occurred. This is the best way to recover from a ransomware attack.
Assess the Damage:
Determine the extent of the damage caused by the attack and identify any weaknesses in your IT security that allowed the attack to occur.
Improve your IT Security:
Once the attack has been contained, take steps to improve your IT security. This can include training employees on how to avoid ransomware and other cyber threats, updating your security software, and implementing multi-factor authentication.


It’s important to act quickly in response to a ransomware attack to minimize the damage and prevent future attacks. If you suspect your company has been hit with malware or ransomware, contact Vytekk for immediate assistance:

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