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Does your business have a comprehensive response plan if disaster strikes?
Being truly prepared for a disaster involves more than just having backups of your data. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service program encompasses business continuity planning, policies, documentation, and procedures, in addition to our best in class data protection solutions.
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Disaster Recovery Planning

Our process starts with key stakeholder meetings to identify and document the risks and vulnerabilities your business needs to account for. Once these issues have been documented, we assess the impact of each scenario with you, and create an appropriate mitigation plan. From loss of key personnel, to the loss of a building, we develop a plan to address the risks, and document the specific procedures and protocols to be implemented when responding to any type of disaster.

Data Protection

The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are determined for each of your systems, from servers to desktops. We create a granular backup plan for each device and data class, and then implement these requirements using our backup services. Special emphasis is placed on the RTO and RPO requirements, as ensuring these targets are met is crucial to your business being up and running, or shut down and waiting for recovery procedures to be completed.

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

While there are many ways to copy data to the cloud, not all of these methods will help you get up and running in a timely fashion in the event of a disaster. Vytekk takes cloud backup to the next level, allowing you to boot your virtual machine backups directly in our cloud, and reconnect your applications directly to these backups. We also offer direct VMWare Replication hosting for even faster recovery times, allowing you to fail over to our private cloud.

Plan Testing and Maintenance

A Disaster Recovery Plan needs to be audited and tested regularly to ensure that all of your critical processes are recoverable. Making sure changes in systems, employees, processes, and data are accounted for is an essential part of Disaster Recovery Planning. We work continuously to correctly document changes to your personnel, policies, and procedures. We also perform periodic tests to make sure your recovery plan can be quickly and efficiently implemented if it is ever needed

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