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Compliance Audit Consulting
Vytekk provides expert assistance in helping your company prepare for and pass data compliance audits. We help your company prepare for and pass data compliance audits by identifying areas that need improvement, creating security controls, designing policies and procedures, and performing regular testing.
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Compliance Audit Services

Compliance Assessments

Vytekk conducts a compliance assessment of your IT systems, policies, and procedures to identify any areas that need improvement. This assessment will be done against the relevant regulations and standards that apply to your business.

Develop and Implement Policies and Procedures

We will develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards. This includes data retention policies, incident response procedures, and access control policies.

Implement Security Controls

Based on the findings of your compliance assessment, Vytekk will work with you to implement appropriate security controls, such as firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and data encryption.

Conduct Regular Audits

Vytekk will conduct regular audits of your IT systems to ensure that they continue to comply with the relevant regulations and standards. This can include vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and compliance audits.

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