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Managed IT Services is a term used to describe the services related to IT (information technology) that one business provides to another. The IT Support services provided vary from company to company. Generally, they consist of providing IT help desk services, desktop support, setup of new desktops and laptops, data backup services, data recovery, cloud backup services, hosting, server management, cybersecurity solutions, and other IT-related support. Learn more about Managed IT Services or see Vytekk’s plans and pricing.
Small businesses need to balance IT functionality with cost benefits. At its most basic function, technology improves overall productivity, communication, and security. For a small business, understanding which applications and hardware will provide the needed functionality at the best possible price can be difficult without the proper knowledge and experience. Small businesses need email, cybersecurity, data storage, data backup, desktop support, and a trained resource to know which products and hardware work best together. It’s easy for a small business to overbuy technology solutions. Having a technical advocate who understands your business needs and the best way to architect all systems, hardware, security, and communications is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Another consideration for small businesses is maintaining the IT ecosystem as new applications and hardware are added to your environment. Learn more about small business IT needs. See Vytekk’s plans and pricing.
For small to mid-sized companies, Managed IT Services can provide the right level of support. Small businesses need cybersecurity, email, data backup, and network infrastructure. Due to the complexity of maintaining reliable and secure systems, small businesses benefit from having a team of experts managing their IT needs. Small businesses will often find it’s considerably cheaper to hire a Managed IT Services Provider who can handle all their IT needs for a bundled price. It can be costly to hire in-house IT employees and challenging to assess if that person has all the necessary knowledge, from desktop support to network security, that will adequately protect your company from attacks and system failures. When businesses utilize managed services providers, they can leverage the experience and tools of the provider who is an expert in these areas. Learn more about Managed IT Services and IT Support Services or Managed Services for Small Business. See Vytekk’s plans and pricing.
The cost of Managed IT Services from an IT MSP can be 30% – 50% less than that of a full-time employee. Additional savings are gained by leveraging the Managed Service Provider’s tools, bulk discounts on licensing, and your IT MSPs partner pricing on hardware, firewalls, and other necessary components. It can become too expensive for a small business to maintain all of the subscription-based tools needed, plus pay retail for hardware while also paying a full-time in-house IT resource. In many cases, small businesses will put off critical IT investments to save money, to be able to pay a full-time IT employee, or try to manage their IT DIY. Over time these strategies tend to backfire because the environment has become too complex to manage, a critical failure has occurred, or compliance and regulatory concerns have been discovered. Small businesses should seek out Managed IT Services Providers with affordable plans and specialize in providing IT support services to companies with 5-200 employees. See Vytekk’s plans and pricing.
Most companies require some level of IT support services. There are varying degrees of IT functions that are needed for different types of businesses. Some companies require only basic email and cybersecurity solutions. In contrast, others of the same size may need systems to provision laptops and desktops, set up new computers, have data backup and cloud backup solutions, and maintain secure environments to handle sensitive information. Depending on the nature of your company, you may need to adhere to compliance or regulatory rules. Examples of compliance include HIPPA, PCI, ISO, ITAR, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, and GDPR. To ensure that a company follows all regulatory guidelines, a Managed IT Services or IT MSP is often needed to build and test for security mandates. Learn more about compliance audits. The types of companies needing Managed IT Services are companies that have remote employees or users who access their network or systems away from the office. If you have remote employees, ensuring that you have a remote access process and VPN are services that a Managed IT company would provide. Learn if your company needs Managed IT Services. See Vytekk’s plans and pricing.
If you’re wondering if your current Managed IT Services, IT provider, or IT Outsourcer is keeping up with your business, one way to check is to ask for a client business review. At Vytekk, we provide each of our clients with a semi-annual Client Business Review. During your review, your technology advisor will review each of your contracted services with you. Vytekk will provide metrics and analytics to show you overall performance, ticketing information, and SLA adherence. In addition, the client business review session is a great time to talk about future IT plans, ensure security protocols are being updated, and that your company has a disaster recovery plan that has been tested. If your current IT provider can’t provide you with performance and SLA records, then maybe, it’s time you re-evaluate who manages your data. Learn more about how to change your IT Managed Services or IT provider. See Vytekk’s plans and pricing.
An IT MSP is a shortened version of the term IT Managed Services Provider. It is used as a way to describe the role or services provided by one company to another for IT Managed Services. Other terms used to describe an IT MSP is Managed Service Provider, IT Outsourcer, or IT Managed Services Provider. Learn about Vytekk’s plans and pricing.
Vytekk Technologies is an IT Managed Services Provider near you. Vytekk Technologies is based in Rochester, NY. While most IT functions can be supported remotely, there is a need for local onsite support. In those cases, Vytekk has an extensive network of local IT partners to provide onsite support as needed. See Vytekk’s plans and pricing.

If you believe your company’s data or system access is being held hostage by an employee or contracted provider Vytekk can help. We provide services meant to help your company transition from one IT provider to another; this includes both Full-Time employees leaving your company or anyone with access to all your critical company data and systems.

We have expertise in retrieving your credentials, passwords, and data if you cannot negotiate with the party that maintains access to your systems.

While this is a difficult situation, it is not uncommon. Contact us today for a confidential consultation or learn more about Vytekk’s IT Manager Termination and Replacement Services.

Managed IT and Managed IT support are interchangeable terms that refer to the management of IT (information technology), services one business provides to another. These services are meant to replace or expand the client company’s IT capabilities. The services vary depending on the agreed upon terms but usually consist of cybersecurity, help desk, desktop support, new computer setup, new laptop setup, data backup, cloud storage services, server management, Microsoft 365 administration, and other IT related functions. Learn more about Vytekk’s Managed IT Support Services.
Unfortunately, cybercriminals target small businesses. 46% of all cyberattacks target small businesses with less than 250 employees annually, according to Accenture’s Cybercrime study. Small companies are attractive to cyber criminals because they usually lack the technology to fend off attacks found in larger organizations. Larger organizations invest in cyber security defense to make it harder for criminals to access their systems and data. Small businesses sometimes don’t take the necessary precautions from a lack of knowledge or budget. Cybercriminals get smarter every day, and it’s imperative to stay ahead of protecting your data and network. Learn more about our Cybersecurity Solutions or visit our Cybersecurity for Small Businesses Guide.
Yes, the typical cost of outsourcing IT functions can be 30% – 50% less than the cost of a full-time employee. The savings comes from both the savings of an FTE but also from the opportunity to leverage all of the Managed Services Provider’s tools and technology. It is often more expensive for companies to purchase the needed software and hardware required than to use the technology of the IT Managed  Services Provider. Learn more about Vytekk’s Managed IT Services plans. 
A Managed Service Provider (MSP) provides businesses with IT services such as help desk, desktop support, creating an IT infrastructure, data hosting, cloud backup and hosting, cybersecurity, vendor management, and other essential IT functions. They can also provide IT consulting for a variety of different needs. Learn about Vytekk’s plans and pricing.

Ransomware is a type of malware that deploys encryption technology to hold a person or organization’s information for ransom. It’s a form of cyber extortion and can devastate businesses and individuals who become victims of an attack.

The malware accesses the user or organization’s data through an email spam campaign. Once the malware accesses the network, it deploys encryption to prevent the user or company from accessing its data.

A key is created by the attacker that is only released to the victim once the ransom has been paid. In many instances, after the victim has paid the ransom, the key is never provided, the data is locked, and it is nearly impossible to access.

Individuals and businesses need to take proactive steps to protect themselves from ransomware attacks, such as implementing strong cybersecurity measures, regularly backing up data, and training employees on how to identify and avoid potential threats.

Learn more in our Cybersecurity Guide for Small businesses or by visiting our Cybersecurity Solutions page.

You will have access to our IT Help Desk Services as a client. If an emergency occurs, you’ll have access to help right away. Other non-emergency help is available and is prioritized based on the criticality to your organization. Here’s an example of how it works: Critical Priority- your network or core application goes down Standard Priority- a user can’t access a system, or a non-critical application isn’t working for one person Normal Priority- a new request for access to a system, and application, or folder that is not time sensitive. Vytekk responds to help desk tickets within minutes, 98% of all calls to our help desk are answered within 20 seconds, 96% of tickets opened with the help desk are responded to within 10 minutes, and 98% of all help desk requests are able to be resolved remotely. Learn more about our IT Support Services or our Managed IT Services plans.

If you need on-site help at your company’s location, Vytekk can help. We have qualified technicians that can come to your offices to help with desktop support, server and communications wiring trouble, problems with your modem and wireless connections, and provide employee IT support.

Contact Vytekk today to learn how to get in person, on-site support to your offices or location.

Desktop support is a specific service focused on troubleshooting desktop and laptop computers and other office devices that connect to a network, such as a printer or a modem. Managed IT Service Providers or IT Support Companies usually offer Desktop support.

Usually, a first attempt is made to resolve the issue remotely. If that is not possible, typically, a technician is dispatched to the customer’s location to provide a physical repair.

New desktop and laptop computers require setup and installation to have the new device join the company’s network with the correct programs installed. Provisioning new desktops and laptops is an example of a desktop support function.

Learn more about Vytekk’s full range of Desktop Support Services.

As a client, your support agreement includes a process for emergency after-hours IT Help Desk Services. Business Basic & Business Standard plans can get emergency after-hours help by opening an emergency Help Desk Ticket. Business Premium Plan members can access 27/7 Help Desk services in their standard support agreement. Learn more about how our IT Help Desk Services work or about Vytekk’s plans and pricing.

Yes, Vytekk Technologies is fully insured against data loss and other risks. Vytekk meets and exceeds all major compliance requirements so you can confidently include Vytekk’s services in your HIPPA, SOX, GDPR, ISO data compliant workflow. 

Learn more about compliance audit services.

Yes, Vytekk has reference accounts for all company sizes and infrastructure complexities. We will happily connect you to a long standing account during our sales process. Learn more about Vytekk’s plans and pricing.
IT Managed Services for Small Business includes many solutions for your company. Depending on the nature and complexity of your company, you may need a combination of the following: Network Monitoring: Monitors your company’s network infrastructure to ensure it’s secure and performing optimally. Cybersecurity: Helps protect your business from cyber threats by implementing security programs such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection systems. Data Backup and Data Recovery: Ensures that your business’s data is backed up regularly and can be recovered in the event of a disaster, includes Cloud Backup services. Help Desk Support: Provides technical support to your employees to help them resolve any IT-related issues they encounter. Cloud Services: Helps your small business migrate to and manage cloud-based services, such as cloud storage and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.
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