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Proactive Monitoring
Don’t let common system anomalies, such as full disks, network floods, connectivity loss, and internet failures lead to downtime or poor system performance.

Microsoft 365 is a great option for small businesses. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that includes various tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more. With Microsoft 365 office tools your employees can access these applications from anywhere, collaborate with team members, and benefit from regular updates and security features.

network monitoring

Monitoring Features

Vytekk’s proactive network monitoring solutions are essential to ensure your networks’ smooth operation and security. By proactively monitoring and optimizing network performance, your company can reduce downtime, increase productivity, and protect sensitive data.
Vytekk’s Proactive Monitoring Process
Monitoring of all your Hardware & Software

Our sensors detect a problem. We collect continuous metrics and can monitor and alert from hardware, software, network devices, desktops, and cloud applications.

When our proactive monitoring platform detects a potential problem, an alert is created. Our system automatically tags the severity of the issue using AI logic.

A Vytekk Help Desk ticket is automatically created that includes the specific information that triggered the alert. Our network monitoring team is notified.

A Vytekk Technician is assigned to the ticket. They will investigate the alert, verify the severity of the problem, evaluate the impact, and determine the root cause of the issue. 

Once an issue has been identified and investigated, our technicians fix the root cause of the initial problem. The underlying issue is flagged for additional monitoring to ensure a complete resolution to the problem. 

What We Monitor


  • Server Hardware
  • Networks
  • Switch & Routers
  • Wifi
  • Desktops


  • Updates
  • Patches
  • Crashes
  • Errors
  • Backups
  • Security


  • Web & App Services
  • Email Services
  • Databases
  • Database Performance
  • Cloud Services
  • Application Performance

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