What are the essential IT functions that Small Businesses Need?

The number of IT functions a small business needs can vary depending on its size, industry, and complexity. However, here are some essential functions that small businesses will need to ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure and running smoothly:

Network Security:

Every small business with a network needs network security. Network security includes firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware software, intrusion detection, and other tools that help protect the company’s network from cyber threats.



Small businesses need regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, ongoing employee training, access control, and incident response planning.


Data backup and Recovery:

To ensure you don’t lose your small businesses’ essential company data, you’ll need data backup and recovery. Backup and data recovery is the regular backups of critical data, testing of backup and recovery systems, and disaster recovery planning.


Email and Web Security:

To protect your small business from cyber threats, security must be part of your IT strategy. Email and web security includes spam filtering, email encryption, and web filtering to prevent employees from accessing malicious websites or downloading dangerous files.


Cloud Services Security:

If your company uses cloud services, it’s vital to ensure that those services are secure and that your company has appropriate access controls and data protection.


Endpoint Security:

If your small businesses use laptops and smartphones, you’ll need endpoint security to protect your network. Endpoint security includes securing employee devices, such as laptops and smartphones, with encryption, antivirus software, and mobile device management.


IT Support:

It’s essential to have IT professionals available to provide support to employees and resolve any IT issues that arise.


These are the essential IT functions that small businesses need.

The specific needs of your business will depend on your size, industry, and operations, and you should work with an IT professional to identify the specific functions that will best support the needs of your business.

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