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Top 5 Reasons for Outsourcing Your IT Helpdesk

Every organization needs to maintain an IT helpdesk to solve the internal issues of your employees or take care of customer-specific technical problems. You can approach this task in three ways:

You can employ an in-house team of IT experts that can immediately find an answer to technical questions and provide a solution for the customers and employees, you can outsource this department completely, or you can use a mix of in-house and outsourced resources.

Today, many organizations find an outsourced IT helpdesk to be a better option than having one in-house for many different reasons. Here are the top 5.

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1. Cutting Costs
It might come to you as a surprise, but an outsourced IT helpdesk is a much more affordable solution than having your own in-house staff. You’ll need a complete setup for your in-house teams to provide support services. The requirements can include powerful computers, expensive remote monitoring software solutions, maintenance tools, and salaried individuals. Managed service providers, on the other hand, can be your complete IT helpdesk at a fraction of that cost.
2. Saving HR Hassle and Improving Response Time
With an in-house helpdesk staff, you must manage absences, vacations, benefits, and performance. Additionally, you have to find ways to avoid delays in response to technical issues when any of your IT team is absent. An outsourced IT staff does not require you to pay individual salaries or manage their benefits. These professionals are always there as part of the contract, and hence you can expect an improved response time from them.
3. Achieving Business Goals
It is a common misconception that the IT staff at an organization is there to solve repeating issues with workstations and printers. That’s the smallest part of the massive task that IT professionals have at hand. They are there to create an IT framework that contributes to an organization’s growth and expansion. However, these professionals can lose track of the company’s core values and vision when they are spending their time troubleshooting small issues.
4. Benefitting from Experts
One of the most significant issues for today’s organizations is being able to hire the right IT staff. Technical skills are in demand worldwide, but it is the supply side that has not delivered. This phenomenon has caused an unexpected spike in the salaries of IT professionals. In response, organizations tend to hire less qualified and more affordable talent that can “get the job done” but do not have the capacity or experience to promote sharing the company’s vision and provide the support to achieve it.
5. Scaling on the Go

As mentioned in the last section, there is a significant shortage of true IT talent in the market, and that makes growth a challenge for organizations. It can seem impossible to hire enough people to support your growing organization’s increasing IT needs. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about this factor with managed service providers. They always have multiple plans from which you can choose to fit your requirements. When your requirements increase with time, you can switch to the appropriate plan rather than worrying about hiring new people, spending thousands of dollars on training, and managing employee turnover.

Whether you are a non-tech organization looking for a Managed IT Helpdesk to solve the internal technical issues of your employees or a tech company wanting to provide quick response to questions from its customers, outsourcing your IT Helpdesk can be a cost-efficient and game-changing step for you.

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