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Vytekk Technologies provides fast and reliable technical support to customers experiencing issues with their computers, software, or other technology-related problems. We provide IT Help Desk Services, Onsite Support, and Desktop Service.

IT Support Services
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Get local Onsite IT Support to your office whenever you need help.

Vytekk Technologies provides Onsite managed IT support services at your location at no extra charge for all plans. Our knowledgeable IT Technicians are ready to diagnose and solve your computer hardware, software, or network-related issues.

Vytekk technicians will be on site to check your local hardware and servers, wiring, and other devices connected to your network.

We’ll check your hardware components, including hard drives, fans, and power supplies, for signs of wear or damage. We’ll replace any faulty components as needed.

Providing regular maintenance to your hardware will extend its life and improve performance.

As your company adds and replaces hardware Vytekk will be on site to configure your new devices. Typical devices are firewalls, switches & routers, storage devices, modems and wireless components.

When installing new devices your Vytekk Technician will physically install the device. This typically involves mounting, for example the firewall, in a secure location and connecting it to power and network cables.

Vytekk can come to your location to fix, survey, or optimize your wireless network. We’ll check the physical connections, perform signal strength tests, identify causes of interference such as microwaves, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices. We’ll also optimize your network settings, and check for any security issues. 

We’ll provide onsite support to employees, including help with software issues, troubleshooting hardware problems, and providing training on new systems and applications.

Vytekk - Rocheser NY - IT Support

1. Open a Ticket

You'll have access to our 1-click Help Desk so your employees can get help fast without ever needing to log into another system or pick up the phone.

Vytekk - Rocheser NY - IT Support

2. Get Help Fast

Our Help Desk Technicians respond to requests within minutes. You'll have your issue fixed quickly with zero hassle. With Vytekk's manged IT support services you'll never wait on hold.

Vytekk - Rocheser NY - IT Support

3. Problem Solved

Vytekk's Technicians resolve issues correctly the first time. 98% of all tickets are resolved remotely within 10 minutes. Keep your employees working reliably.

Our Help Desk Services

Software and Hardware Issues

Vytekk's knowledgeable IT Technicians are available to resolve issues related to your computer, software, or hardware devices.

Network Connectivity Issues

Having trouble connecting to the internet or your company's network? Our IT Help Desk will assist you with resolving the connectivity issue.

Security & Malware Concerns

If you suspect your computer or network has been compromised by malware, our IT Help Desk will guide you through the steps to secure your system.

Password Resets

If you forget your password or are having trouble logging into your account, we'll quickly assist you with resetting your password and getting access to your account.

New Device Setup

We connect the new device to your network and install all needed programs to ensure they have all the correct permissions to start working.

Desktop Support

We handle all regular device maintenance, including updates and security patches. We also fix and resolve day-to-day issues you may have.

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