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IT Manager Termination or Replacement

What We Do

We help companies manage their risk when IT Manager's, CTO's, or IT MSP's will be leaving the organization.


These are high-risk, changes to your organization, get the confidential advice you need today.

Roles we can help with:

  • IT Managers

  • Network Administrators 

  • System Administrators

  • CTOs

  • Managed Service Providers

  • Executives

  • Emergency Lockouts

Why is your IT Manager, CTO, or MSP Leaving?

Leaving for another company with notice
Will be out unexpectedly for a long period of time
Changing Managed Services Provider

If your IT Manager resigns amicably, then there are several strategies that Vytekk Technologies can help you take to ensure you have continuity of business and reduce the risk to your organization.


Involuntary employment termination
Managed Services Provider contract termination
Employee disciplinary action or audit

If you need to terminate your key IT Leader, IT Manager, or your Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) Vytekk can help. We have expert technical resources available to ensure your business is protected. 

You need to terminate your IT Manger, CTO, or IT MSP's employment or contract

Unfortunately there are situations when you may need to part ways with your current IT Manager, Network Administrator, or Managed Services Provider.


These changes are considered high-risk and need to be executed by a trusted IT partner with experience in taking over an IT environment without the current IT resource’s involvement.


In the unlikely event you believe your systems and data are at risk of being held hostage or being tampered with call Vytekk today to speak with our Senior Technical Advisor. All inquiries are 100% confidential. 

Vytekk's IT Manager Termination Process

Risk Assessment

To fully assess your company's risk, Vytekk will perform a technical risk analysis of your potential areas for concern. We can coordinate with your company's attorney, HR Manager, or Board of Directors when needed. When considering replacing an Managed IT Service Provider we can coordinate the transition and review contracts for data and application risk concerns.

Network Mapping & System Identification

Vytekk will confidentially begin creating an inventory of all known systems, network details, and accounts that may be tied to the Manager's user ID. For example, often, a company's website domain name has been created by the IT Manager or is managed by their credential. It's imperative that any critical company asset or system is accounted for. Due to the technical complexity needed to identify these systems, it's best to engage a trusted IT Partner to help.

Credential and Password Capture

We'll work with you to create a master list of systems and identify the applications that will have backdoor access or that can be accessed remotely. We'll begin capturing the likely credential used to access the application where possible. In certain situations, Vytekk may incorporate "White Hat" methods to access accounts and applications. We'll look for dead man scripts, backdoor access accounts, password reset policies, and multi-authenticator apps to protect your company's network, applications, and critical accounts.

IT Transition Planning

Many IT Managers, especially if they are the only resource in your IT department, have extensive knowledge about your network and systems—unfortunately, many times, this knowledge isn't documented anywhere. Vytekk will capture the technical design of your network and systems including procedures, passwords, system configurations, user management policies, and other technical specifications.

User Support & Help Desk

Vytekk Technologies will set up a user help desk to route issues, requests, and emergency tickets. A streamlined plan to resolve IT-related issues is vital to reduce your IT risk during the transition stage.

Coordinated System & Building Lockout

Vytekk will take a complete inventory of all equipment the IT Manager physically has access to; examples include server rooms, computers at home, tablets, and smartphones that can access your network. We'll provide the list of devices that have access to company information to the HR or terminating Manager so they can seize the necessary goods. During the termination meeting, Vytekk will disable all administrator accounts and reset passwords immediately. VPN access, corporate email, network access, and core systems will be disabled and reset. We'll start updating critical jobs that may be tied to the IT Manager's credentials.

Disabling your IT Manager's Access

We will coordinate the system access lockout with your HR Manager. During the termination meeting Vytekk will disable the IT Manager's VPN access, corporate email, network access, and core systems. We'll start updating critical jobs that may be tied to the IT Manager's credentials. Vytekk will validate that all known systems and applications are secure and provide ongoing testing of those systems to ensure no unauthorized access has occurred.

Managed IT Services for Small Business

You may need to make an IT Manager or Leader change for various reasons.

Typical examples are your IT Manager is leaving for another company, will be out unexpectedly for an extended period of time, you have concerns over your IT Manager’s expertise, or you have decided to change IT Managed Service.


These are high-risk changes to your organization let Vytekk help 

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